Unban CerolBeleaua

Hello, there was some missunderstanding on the server, I tought i am talking with a person on private, but it was on server, I got baited to talk more of some private stuff and the admin Burak came and banned me permanently, the reason was threatens, but I didn t threatened anyone, i just said a joke that i will come to the person and he can beat me, didn t said a bad word, but i got curse words and mean things back to me, the person had reasons cause i did something wrong one week before, but not in that day, i just tried to talk with the person nothing more, i don t want anyone to get banned, i just want to enjoy my time with my few friends left.

Hello, Burak asked me to deliver his message.
Burak: “After the first ban, I told you it shouldn’t happen again. Bigesx does not wish you to threaten, harass or who knows what else. I understand that you have friends you want to play with and you all want to be on the same server somehow, but I will only unban you on the condition that if you ever message her or harass her, I will give you ban again. It’s also your third and final chance, so don’t mess it up.”

Based on his judgement you’re unbanned. Don’t mess it up !